Remembering the Lost

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day and I want to respect that here, knowing so many people who've suffered the hardship and pain and indescribable nature of losing a child, however far into gestation, not least my precious Godson's siblings. From my Instagram: I don't pretend to have any knowledge beyond the facts … Continue reading Remembering the Lost


Escaping Titanic

It's unassuming from the outside, but so are most escape room locations. Shrouded in mystery in the middle of Southampton - even more so with a growing rain pelting The Husband and I - Houdini's Escape Rooms are anything but unassuming. After stopping off at my mother's, we manoeuvre the trains to get to Southampton … Continue reading Escaping Titanic

What’s Up Wednesday? Sept 12

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these (ha – sensing a trend), but I’ve been inspired by the revival of my friend Jae’s blog, and where better to start with a classic list? I forget how many points we’re supposed to muse over, but five is a lovely handful for now … Continue reading What’s Up Wednesday? Sept 12

New House, New Place

There's something to be said about keeping to a blogging schedule. I deeply admire people who are able to do it. As for me...once again, I seem to be falling behind any schedule I endeavoured to create. Never fear, though, since it doesn't mean I'm not writing! I have lots of things going through my … Continue reading New House, New Place

Keep Poised!

Sorry for the silence (again)! I'm working on some new blog posts, but they are scraps, so there's nought I can actually post at the moment. But keep peeled! I just wanted to apologise for the absence. And for your patience, here's an exclusive extract of one of the novels I'm editing, H. ~ “Did … Continue reading Keep Poised!

Part Of The Price Is The Experience

This post brought to you by oversearching Sherlock memes and still not finding the one I wanted. Weddings cost a lot. That goes without saying. The average UK wedding last year was £33,884 (Independent, Sept 2017), but I believe even that has gone up in the last year or so. More and more, with inflation … Continue reading Part Of The Price Is The Experience