Knowing When to Take a Break

It feels odd to be writing the above title, since if you've been following this blog, you'll have seen that my posting hasn't exactly been the opposite of 'on a break'. I'm certainly more sporadic than I used to be - so it's almost unfair to say I'm taking a break. I'm not. Taking a … Continue reading Knowing When to Take a Break

Winter Reflections

I don't mind not blogging much, but when I have a half-written post that I ought to have finished a month ago, it is rather annoying. So here's my amendment of a delayed post and a look back on these past couple of months. (If you follow me on Instagram, you would've seen I shared … Continue reading Winter Reflections

Three Very Different Christmases

With the UK government imposing further restrictions and tiers on the UK (which I do think are necessary), Christmas this year looks different for a lot of people. Amusingly enough, I don't fall into that category - our Christmas was already constrained by childcare bubbles and so the Christmas day travel we were planning to … Continue reading Three Very Different Christmases

10 Questions With…MJ Glenn

I've known Maddy (MJ Glenn) since university, so I am delighted today to be welcoming her onto the blog to chat about her upcoming debut novel. For which of course we're both super excited! Not to mention that fantasy is always a genre close to my heart and something in which I primarily write nowadays, … Continue reading 10 Questions With…MJ Glenn

One Day at a Time.

I used to think blogging was about writing extensive posts filled with long details or essays of pensive arguments – I was a dedicated uni student for four years, after all – and this was one of the things that always made me take my time with each post or leave me with many posts … Continue reading One Day at a Time.

The Amateur Runner’s Guide To Coronavirus

You need to exercise but your gym is closed. Walking only does so much and working from home means you can’t explore far in your lunch break. You can’t stop thinking about the chocolate in the cupboard. You might eat the world soon because eating is joy incomparable. Whatever the reason, you want to start … Continue reading The Amateur Runner’s Guide To Coronavirus

Easter Greetings, Easter Munchings

Happy Easter! I don't 'do' chocolate eggs - and, in fact, I had a piece of The Husband's and it was now unpalatable to me - and I'm not much into celebrating beyond the Triduum because the meaning of Easter that The Lord is Risen is important to me. But it's Easter, and that's always … Continue reading Easter Greetings, Easter Munchings

NEW: For Alexander (Henry Sterling Grieves)

In these tough times, I've managed at least to work on my craft a bit more. Some of it, however, is of course staring out of the window, trying to tie together the character motivations and backgrounds and . The usual writer stuff. Out of that comes some sunshine. In this case, it's wondering about … Continue reading NEW: For Alexander (Henry Sterling Grieves)

Protein Millionaires Bars – a Review

In my spare time, I have been crafting more treats and have been inspired by some recipes on the Missfits protein powder site, notably the imitations of millionaire shortbread, that delectable and moreish treat of layers of shortbread, caramel and chocolate. It's a treat that I love but that I cannot have, thanks to its … Continue reading Protein Millionaires Bars – a Review

Word of the Week: pulchritudinous

It's not as if I don't come across new words all that often; I like to think I read enough variety that I should be coming across new words on a frequent basis, but more often than not, the beautiful words I come across are those of which I already have a knowledge. Or vice … Continue reading Word of the Week: pulchritudinous