In Print Again!

I feel like it's definitely been a long time since I've talked about my writing, since I've talked about the time I've spent hiding away and crafting characters. To be fair, it has been a while since I've really written properly. Editing has its slowness - which is one of the reasons I have never … Continue reading In Print Again!


Spring Bank Decadence

For the bank holiday, The Husband and I ventured forth to our next Steampunk escapade, a delightful market called Doncaster Spring bank Decadence. Now the weather is not pouring down every weekend and allowing the British to go about our leisure in less layers, the number of Steampunk events increases up to the big one: … Continue reading Spring Bank Decadence

The Hotel Experience

It’s been a fabulous eight months and I do mean that in the most flamboyant of senses. In retrospect – 20/20 of course – it would have been interesting to have blogged about it, but when one works on shifts, on one’s feet all the time, and getting home when one’s time is late and … Continue reading The Hotel Experience

Review of Limecrime’s Plushies

I don’t often review makeup, but Limecrime is a company from whom I’ve had the opportunity to purchase a number of their lippies – and even some eye products too – that I feel sufficiently comfortable chatting about their products here. They were my first introduction to liquid-to-matte lipsticks and, honestly, I’ve never looked back. … Continue reading Review of Limecrime’s Plushies

Review of Hounds of Autumn

They say that the moor has eyes. It is 1890, and the windswept moors hold dark secrets. Chloe Sullivan is an amateur inventor whose holiday takes a dark turn when her friend and colleague, one of the few female mechanical experts in the British Empire, is murdered. A black mechanical hound roams the moors, but … Continue reading Review of Hounds of Autumn

A Return to Blogging

Yes, it has been an extended time of absence, an extended time of uncertainty. You see, it’s not the adulting that’s difficult; it’s the finding time to relax amongst the adulting that we as a society struggle to achieve. With the brain so full of other things, of socialising and working, getting home becomes a … Continue reading A Return to Blogging

Reaching young people who no longer pray or attend church

Catholic Voices Comment

[Jack Valero] Look around any congregation at Mass in the UK and there’s one group that’s largely absent – young people. After Confirmation they simply disappear and may or may not return when they get married and have a family of their own.

This week 300 young people from across the world are in Rome to debate the issues and prepare a document that will be presented at the Synod of Bishops convoked by Pope Francis for next October on the topic of ‘Youth, faith and vocational discernment.’ On Monday 19th March the Pope spent the morning with them.

Pope Francis sits among the young people during the pre-synod meeting on 19 March

“Too often we talk about young people without asking what they think,” Pope Francis stated, adding that “even the best analysis on the world of youth, although useful, are no substitute for the need…

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Thoughts for UCL (and perhaps other) students about the pension strikes at universities

SellaTheChemist's Occasional Blog

Amid the continuing universities/USS strike I thought I should write a few reflections on what is going on to help you understand what this is all about, and why it is that some of us have sacrificed 6 days pay so far – with more to come. This is money which goes into UCL’s hardship fund.

These are, in case you’re wondering, personal views and I may be wrong about things so by all means post corrections in the comments section.

Pensions are something that most of us don’t think about. After all, old age is a long way away, and we have much more important things to spend our money on now, especially given the price of housing, transport and everything else. What is more, if you read the press there is a sense that pensions are a kind of unaffordable perk that only extravagant employers can afford…

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