Fauxpocalypse Reviewed by Musings From Neville’s Navel

It’s been a while and I don’t really talk about it that much, but do you remember that anthology I was part of a few years ago whose collection of stories centred on an apocalypse that ended up not happening? My friend and fellow writer/student/bookaholic, Engie of the Musings From Neville’s Navel, purchased the collection … Continue reading Fauxpocalypse Reviewed by Musings From Neville’s Navel


Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness – 2017

Plot Line and Sinker (Ellen Gable, Author)

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Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day but the entire month of October is devoted to Infant Loss Remembrance. James and I feel very blessed and grateful to be the parents of five young adult sons (ages 18-30). I also think about the seven precious babies we lost through miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy. This month, we remember in a special way these seven little souls (and intercessors) in heaven.

Here are a few of my reflections on pregnancy loss:

Among Women Podcast Episode 89 (Pat Gohn interviewed me about miscarriage and pregnancy loss)

Ecce Ancilla Domini, an article on openness to life.

Five Little Souls in Heaven (This article was written 22 years ago and published in the Nazareth Journal)

Difficult Anniversaries/Responsible Parenthood

One of the themes of my first novel, Emily’s Hope, is pregnancy loss.

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I Don’t Use Gifs

I’ve noticed that a lot of popular blog posts, particularly those aimed at YA writers & readers, use an array of images and gifs to illustrate their points and posts. They're stunning posts, in my perspective, from people who know how to properly take advantage of website design. Alas, I'm not one of those people. … Continue reading I Don’t Use Gifs

Building a Novel – How To Plot

Lately, I've been thinking about reviving an old trilogy of mine, the Time, Stopped Trilogy, since I need some space away from messy edits of H. The first novel follows young woman Aidelle, who manages to trap herself in a bubble or 'pocket' of time, chronologically-suspended animation, if yo will. Whilst her socialite fiance is … Continue reading Building a Novel – How To Plot

Being a Writer Sucks

There is not a more disheartening career for a graduate than that of the writer. Jobs are far and few in an industry that’s office-based from big cities if not only the capital, and the English writer is unlikely to access a remote internship. But it’s not just about the industry. So many successful writers … Continue reading Being a Writer Sucks

Quick Take Friday – Jobs, Vocations, & Being

(Or Saturday, but nobody’s counting. You can catch up with the rest of 7QTF at This Ain’t the Lyceum) ~1~ I am dancing again, woo! Managed to find (as if it were such a feat) a group in York who are pretty easy to reach and laid back, too. ~2~ This week has been nothing … Continue reading Quick Take Friday – Jobs, Vocations, & Being

Freedom Feels Weird

It’s been a couple of weeks now since I finished my dissertation, and thus, finished my degree. In fact, despite the gentle jokes, and more serious implications of expanding on my Master’s research, that I should go on to do a doctorate, I am finished with education. After four years, I think it’s only fair … Continue reading Freedom Feels Weird

Suicide Prevention Week

Important words about suicide by writer Trish Marie Dawson.


Did you know that it’s Suicide Prevention Week? Having experienced suicide in my own family, and spending the last several years researching it for the Station series, I know a little about the topic, but I’m not a counselor or a doctor. I’m just a person, who, like so many others, has been left behind after someone has made the choice to let go. This topic, something so integrated into our society now, and such a huge stress for our youth especially, is still not talked about enough. There’s an invisible barrier up around it, which I challenge everyone to break down and discuss more, because the hardest part about losing someone to suicide is the not knowing how you could have helped them stay. And the more depression and harmful thoughts are talked about and shared, I firmly believe the more support can be given to help those in…

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7 Quick Takes Friday

I'm back, and so is participation in Quick Takes Friday, hosted over at This Ain't This Lyceum. ~1~ I finished my dissertation! Now, everybody do a happy dance! ~2~ Please don't mind my absence this week - I feel like I've been being productive, inside the house at least. ~3~ I (mostly) sorted the spare … Continue reading 7 Quick Takes Friday