Thoughts for UCL (and perhaps other) students about the pension strikes at universities

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Amid the continuing universities/USS strike I thought I should write a few reflections on what is going on to help you understand what this is all about, and why it is that some of us have sacrificed 6 days pay so far – with more to come. This is money which goes into UCL’s hardship fund.

These are, in case you’re wondering, personal views and I may be wrong about things so by all means post corrections in the comments section.

Pensions are something that most of us don’t think about. After all, old age is a long way away, and we have much more important things to spend our money on now, especially given the price of housing, transport and everything else. What is more, if you read the press there is a sense that pensions are a kind of unaffordable perk that only extravagant employers can afford…

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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Engaging Characters: Their Likability & The Longevity of Their Novels

It’s always interesting coming across studies like these, that combine psychology with the interest in reading. After all, the best characters are the most complicated, the ones we, secretly, love to psychoanalysise.

The Misfortune Of Knowing

What attributes help a writer develop engaging characters?

To explore this question, researchers at McMaster University, York University, and the University of Toronto designed a preliminary study in which subjects (students enrolled in an intro psych course, obviously) wrote brief character sketches based on a head-and-shoulders photograph of a man.* Then, a second set of students rated how interesting, likeable, and complex the characters were.

In the results, published last month in Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, the researchers found — unsurprisingly— that character sketches written by people who expressed an inclination to write fiction were more interesting and complex than the sketches written by people who didn’t express an inclination to write. While the characters produced by self-described creative writers were more interesting and complex, they were not more likable, causing the researchers to conclude:

[L]ikability of characters was distinct from other aspects of an engaging…

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Cover Reveal: OLD HAUNTS by Craig Hallam

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Book Tour with Ellen Gable

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Review of These Savage Bones

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Going Back to My Novel

I look at the first lines of, well, it must be about chapter twenty-four but the chapter numbers have been so muddled about lately as I started almost completely rewriting that I can no longer discuss the novel in chapter numbers. I look at those first lines of this chapter I've set myself to reframe … Continue reading Going Back to My Novel

Cover Reveal: SIX PLUS ONE by Yawatta Hosby

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Advice For Brides About Photography

You can find a whole bunch of advice about choosing your photographer and getting the most out of them online – but in actuality, I myself did not realise the kind of advice I needed about being a bride making decisions about wedding photography. Some of the harder things to decide when it comes down … Continue reading Advice For Brides About Photography