Now For Something Completely Different…

…such as Sims.
Yes, I am an avid gamer, though not of the platformed sort, but rather those open-ended, ‘free-play’ games. As a child, I was exposed to, first, the Sims1 and then the Sims2, the latter of which I have had and used for many years now.

I could blog about absolutely anything that is going on in my Sim-‘universe’, but today I’ll focus on the ‘odd’ sims, those who transform into supernatural beings; this I have chosen because of my previous post about stars; it happened to remind me of this set of pictures. Regretfully, some of these pictures are old, and so do not show the better of my ‘sim-phootgraphy’!

Stella Goth with her baby (also named Stella)- both aliens


Being turned into a vampire


Laurie Burb becoming a werewolf


Genesis Dreamer turning into a Witch


Meadow Brant, as a ghost, scares her daughter, Beth. In my game, of course, there are the typical ghosts, though this one died (of food poisoning) whilst she was pregnant with her third child. Beth was later adopted, and Meadow often scares her for the fun of it!

It’s so much fun to play an ‘odd’ Sim, because of their little quirks and lifestyle habits. Of course, vampires are the most different, since they cannot go out into the daytime at all, whereas Plantsims, Witches, and Werewolves are rather more ‘normal’, except for the added actions they can do and their appearances.

Would you believe (actually you probably will) that I once created a Powerpoint presentation on the main characters and storylines from my ‘soap-opera’ of the town Pleasantview!

I will perhaps later blog about other apects of this side of my life. So, yeah, see what you read into that. 😛
Keeping gaming,
Alexandrina 🙂

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