Dreams and Sims’ Genetics

I know I’m a games addict when I start dreaming about being one of my Sims!

The lady in question runs a shop as part of the Open For Business expansion pack, and there I found myself, watching as the customers lazed about on the beds (it’s a furniture shop), not buying anything. Customers in that shop are pretty lazy.

I guess it’s infuriating for the Sims…I’ve never thought of it like that. Anyway, although my dreams are weird, this is the first time I’ve ever experienced…well the Sims in that fashion…!

I’d like to bring to notice my fascination with the genetics of Sims. I’d never believed it to be that great before, but when I went on the game earlier this week (the day after the dream, knowing that I needed to), I was observing the family tree of relatives of a lady who had recently died. Her daughter happened to have two girls and a boy. I observed, in passing the two current thumbnails of the girls, both adults with their own children, and although their hairstyles were completely different- a black ponytail and a blonde pixie cut- their facial features were exactly the same. The computer had set the same pose for them and everything. Just to prove I’m not imagining things:


Not the best of pictures to prove my point, but you might see what I mean. These two below, however, could almost be the same person, with just dyed hair…

A mother and her baby: the same Sim as above left, but with her hair down. Aunt…
…and niece, a Young Adult dancer and actress.

Startling green eyes, pointed chin with a smoothed face and plump lips, everything.

2 thoughts on “Dreams and Sims’ Genetics

  1. Intriguing! The Sims is something I have not played since the first version. My sisters kept trying to load version 2 but it crashed our computer. I see things have progressed somewhat over the years.

    I thought I was the only one who spent too long analysing my games. For me it’s Empire Total War. I can’t get enough of it when the gameplay matches up with the history.

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