The Best Thing About Winter…


I guess I could call this a ‘things I love’ post, due to the fact that I am one of the group of people who feel like a child when they see snow every year.

Granted, when discussing yesterday with my peers the usefulness/uselessness of the possible school closure, I was not bothered at either idea: closed on not, my Friday would not change much. But that all changes when presented with a field of fresh, blank snow. It’s definitely magical!

As it turns out, the half day ruled and gave me a brilliant amount of time to go out into the snow and experiment – with photography.


As well as using the views from the Sixth Form windows (the two above) as inspiration, we’ve two hills in our town, from which I can get a full view of the colour combinations of rooftops. Plants, spaces, and surroundings catch my eye and it’s worth getting cold and damp for!

I’ve recently got an eye for the structures of trees – bare trees with arms of branches. In the snow, they do obtain a magical quality.


I love winter because of its snow (I do prefer summer, though). And from snow comes stories, multitudes of ideas to create the new and reform the old, with the refreshing change of pace to the land and the amusement it brings to most. Yay snow!

A good two inches of ice on the lakes
Pawprints show that the kitten tried to avoid the snow by hiding in the recycling boxes


2 thoughts on “The Best Thing About Winter…

  1. I love snow too. Just not super cold temperatures. Lately here it’s been 20*F (about -5*C for the metric kiddies). I’m okay with my winter being between 30-40*F (0-5*C) as the high, but below that… too cold! Glad you got to experiment with photography. Maybe you should do a photography post once a week. Don’t know what I love about photos, but I just do. I follow a couple photo blogs in addition to the bajillion writer blogs I follow.

    Ugh, I wish we’d get fresh snow here. Usually that means a bit warmer weather too, none of this 20 junk. 😦

    Have a fabulous weekend! 😀

    1. Yeah, maybe I should. 🙂 I have lots of photos on my harddrive, but I never really get the chance to shoot some new ones – or I don’t have any inspiration.
      I’ll have to see what I can do. Mondays may be a good day, whereas the rest of the week gets swallowed up by other things and my weekends are for long ‘thinky’ posts.

      I hope it warms up for you! There’s nothing great about being cooped up in the cold.

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