Agnetha King: Behind the Character

I thought I’d do something fun, since I’m not really in the mood for a great written post today, and as I’ve been (on-off) rewriting Of Jackets and Phones, I thought I’d blather on about my precious MC.


For instance, to expand:

Golden Hair. If I could, I’d lighten the hair altogether (note to self, get Photoshop Pro). Described by Agnetha in OJAP as “honey-golden hair”, Agnetha’s hair is simply wavy. I couldn’t find a picture that really represented that. In the final book, she gets into the habit of straightening it like this, though.

Weapon Fixation. Whilst this does exist in real life, it is as more of a victim’s focus on the weapon of attack. In Agnetha’s context, I have used it to express her interest in weaponry and its application, something which is definitely more prominent in the first book.

Sharp Tongue. Agnetha is probably the ‘snarkiest’ of all my characters, perhaps because she is the narrator and started life as a thirteen-year-old with no manners. Agnetha’s temper certainly gets the better of her, but, by the end of the trilogy, I hope she will have learnt to curb her tongue at times.

There’s quite a few running jokes with Agnetha, such as the ‘likes puzzles, hates cheese’, and her dangerous skill of hitting people over the head with an odd collection of objects. Too, I make sure that each of these traits, physical and meta-physical, change as Agnetha does through the trilogy. Because she has a dear place in my heart, she needs to learn from her mistakes.

In this way, I am hoping that my character will be as realistic in her quirks as any other detective.



As I’m going to New York for the next week, and then shall have my mock exams the week after, the blog is going to be quietly off the radar for some time. I apologise, but there’s not much I can do without access to a computer! Just enjoy some of my other posts whilst I’m gone.

One thought on “Agnetha King: Behind the Character

  1. Aw shucks. Wish I lived in NYC, I’d say let’s go to lunch. Unfortunately I’m on almost the exact opposite side of the country. Do enjoy NYC tons! Eat good food. Stop at Max Brenner’s (if you see this before you leave NYC).

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