Little Mix: DNA

I don’t ‘recommend’ songs because I know how different a person’s taste is for another. However, if you haven’t heard Little Mix’s song ‘DNA’, I suggest listening to it. Try putting the music as loud as your ears can stand it – to see if you can feel it in your body. This one of the reasons why I have one set of large headphones, since the sound is channelled through them extremely well.

I only mention this because I haven’t listened to a song that made me tremble uncontrollably or ‘fit’ for a while. It used to be All Time Low’s ‘Time-Bomb’, but the effects of that have since worn off and emotion-association has changed when I listen now. I don’t know what it is that makes me do so. Perhaps it’s just a side effect of letting my body feel the music.

If music is an electric current, this song is positively charged with double the usual Amps.

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