5000 Views, Wow! (And Some Spammers)

*gasp* My little, one year old blog reached 5000 views. I feel honoured! 😛 Ironically, I’ve been flat-out busy these last couple of weeks – and, strangely, inundated with ideas for posts. So it was a temporal inconvenience for me (!) to have been landed with two milestones at once (another post is coming…)

Thanks for coming! Have some virtual chocolate
Thanks for coming! Have some virtual chocolate

So, I went rooting through the ol’ stats to see if I could come up with anything interesting. Obviously, people are still having trouble cooling smart phones down, since my early post on tips about how to cool a phone down is still pulling in more hints than it should. Other than that, I’m seeing some nice trends.


‘Alexandrina Brant’ has led people to the blog 12 times! So has, slightly annoyingly, ‘zara alexanderina’ and ‘alexandra brant blog’.

Happily, I have talked about Holmes enough for ‘Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes’ and ‘jeremy brett sherlock’ to refer people to my articles 11 times.

Also happily, are that, ranging from 7 times down to once, my posts on my AS Level Drama have enticed in people searching for Berkovian makeup (explanations and examples), questions about Steven Berkoff, and techniques to aid Berkovian physical theatre performances.

Lastly, slightly shockingly as if I have since relented and embraced my curls, ‘hate curly hair’ has led here on from the Google search five times.



Although I have not received as humorous spam-posts as I would have liked – not enough to complete a full post – here are a couple of strange comments about my blog.

(Lovingly stolen from Lit and Scribbles)
(Lovingly stolen from Lit and Scribbles)

The aptly-named vinyl floor tiles said: “Its such as you learn my thoughts! *cue creepy music as psychic Alex reads minds* You appear to know a lot approximately this [so…I know a lot, but it’s only an approximation? Huh?],
such as you wrote the book in it [Yes! I wrote the book in my life! It’s as if you learn my own thoughts!] or something. I feel that you just could do with
some % to force the message house [a message house? Like, a house for messages?] a little bit, however other than that, that is magnificent blog. A fantastic read. I’ll definitely be back.

Very interesting, Mr. Tiles, you obviously know your writers from your photographers .. I wonder how one would use percentage – or even a percent sign – to coerce a building…

Piracetam added: The primary goal is to explain and assert one’s needs to a trusted individual in as positive a way as possible. Direct communication may not even be necessary. Writing in a journal, writing a poem, or composing a letter that is never mailed may be sufficient.

It amuses me how most my spam-comments are not directed to me, but at me. I am I said “trusted individual”? Or do I need one? Ironically, I used to write letters never mailed.

I didn’t bother to pick up the name of this spammer, but at least he/she bothered to add a poignant quote: I like this web blog its a master peace ! Glad I observed this on google. [‘observed’ on Google? What, you’re gonna take out a telescope and observe the webpages?] “Tears are the rinse water of an unhappy heart.” by Raynor Schein

Message House

Alexandrina 🙂 Forcing message houses since 2012. And, remember – I learn your thoughts…! *creepy music*

11 thoughts on “5000 Views, Wow! (And Some Spammers)

  1. Yes! Yes! YES! You know I love awesome spam. I love that your blog is “master peace.” Maybe world peace will soon follow? I didn’t know you could learn thoughts though. *little bit creeped out* Seems like you should celebrate a lot approximately or something. 😉 Love this post! And especially love your graphic. I’m going to be giggling all day!

    1. Hehe. Let’s hope so; I will happily champion any world peace that follows from this blog.
      Yes! Watch out for your thoughts – because I will be learning them soon! And all my approximations are celebrated a lot. *giggles* There are so many ways to take that sentence. I’m celebrating a lot – only approximately! 😛
      The extent of my computer drawing! But I’m glad you like it!

      1. Are you reading my thoughts now? They’re saying: wasn’t I supposed to get an email this weekend? 😛

        The picture was perfect! That’s why I said so. 😀

          1. Must still be in drafts, unless you sent it to my evil twin. Gah! Don’t send it to her, she’ll ruin it! Ruin it I tell you! 😉 But seriously, nope, don’t have it.

            1. Which email is this?? We may have our wires crossed…or I’m still working on it. I have many things to do.

                1. I thought about just having an emoticon waving to you. Maybe next time. 😉 Anyways, that’s the usual email addy.

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