100+ Followers! Let’s Party!

2013 is the year of blog milestones!


Wednesday last week, I was informed that over 100 people are now following my blog. In a microcosmic way, that’s amazing! 100 people sit at their computer and receive emails from me (well, WordPress) whenever I post. In a macrocosmic view, it’s also left me feeling pretty great – people read my blog! I feel like some sort of snazzy journalist!


To celebrate, and turn the camera the over way ’round, I thought I’d share with you 10% of the highlights of the people following me:


And she does her own doodles! (Putting her novel Shade in carbonite storage)
And Jae does her own doodles! (Putting her novel Shade in carbonite storage)

Jae: If you haven’t already checked out Lit and Scribbles, it’s definitely worth a peek at all the goodies Jae has in store, from tips about writing, to travelogs and tales of her life.

At Mystic Cooking, Heidi and Kati also provide insight into the writing world.

Awesome Steampunk scientists from Mystic Cooking
Awesome Steampunk scientists from Mystic Cooking

They’re currently holding a Middle Grade month. With a novel title like ‘Mystic Cooking’, what’s there not to like!

Musing From Neville’s Navel: If you want sometimes nonsensical ramblings from a teen writer, this is the place to be. Insightful and amusing, Nevillegirl’s posts are always full of life.

Poppywritesabook: as the name implies, Poppy’s blog is all about her journey through novel-writing, first draft and onwards. What I like is that she does video-posts, vlogs, about the editing tips etc and workshops she has come across. It gives the blog an added personal feel.

At ‘The Misfortune of Knowing‘, the topics are on the topics of reading and writing whilst reaching out to the various world-points that writing can delve into: motherhood, law, art and marketing. (And she was on Freshly Pressed!)


SarahJaneLives is an opinion-filled blog mostly on political points that we still need to consider. This blog really gets me thinking when I read it.

Go technicalbigbang for all the gadget knowledge one could ever need. Although they haven’t posted for a while, there’s enough material to keep a computer-geek like me reading for hours. nikon-coolpix-s800c

Stillnessofheart is about writing, history, and everything else thrown in. The amount of categories alone shows how deep this blog goes.

PGHMedia has some beautiful photography that you should check out. Whilst the site is more of a professional business site than the sort of amateur photography I post, I enjoy scrolling through the online portfolios (and getting inspiration for my own compositions!).

Although not updated much, I thought I’d include UniqueBeauty since I sometimes write about beauty myself, and it’s interesting to see a more professional take on beauty blogging.

That’s it, folks! Thanks for reading. Of course, if I could have (and if I had the time!), I would have spread more love. Once again, thanks. 🙂

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