It’s Done!

*dances crazily*

Last night I totally finished the first draft of Triangle, my chick lit novel, at 105 thousand words*! That’s exciting and scary. Scary mostly because I can already sense the massive, 15-year-old-writer rewrites I’m going to have to do. Even me – this age me – has written some rubbish stuff. Of course I have! The pacing in the last ten chapters (written within two weeks) is bizarre and terribly terrible.

But it’s exciting nevertheless. Especially since I set myself a deadline of 13th May (my 18th birthday) and finished with beyond a month to that.

My baby has grown up! It’s still as cheesy as it was, with the same tasteless jokes and references that even my co-writer didn’t get when she was writing with me.

Well, some things won’t change. But at least I can say I’m happy with the first draft.

Marking on the fictional places n the story
Marking on the fictional places in the story

red star= North Redshire
yellow star= Lansdale
blue star= Swinford
green star= Oxcote*
(*Yeah, I realise it lies in the same place as the actual Oxford, but I’ll keep the fictional name for now)



Will Lucas and Andrea end up together?
Will Lucas and Andrea end up together?


Landrea forever! Peace out. Alex 🙂


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*If you’re following numbers, that makes Triangle my sixth completed manuscript (and my biggest), though two err on the side of novella until I will get around to editing them.

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