What’s Up, Wednesday?

This is a weekly blog meme that I thought I’d do as a one-off today. What I liked about this idea was that it is four simple questions relevant to the writer.


What I’m reading:

all-creatures-great-and-smallAlthough I don’t have much time for casual reading at the moment, I’ve just started ‘All Creatures Great and Small’, one of the anthologies of the memoirs of the vet, James Herriot (I believe there is/was a TV series based on the memoirs, too). What I like about what I’ve read so far is the voice and style he uses in his writing: fluid, full of character, humorous. It’s engaging.


What I’m writing:

I’m mostly editing at the moment. However, I am going through and rewriting Of Jackets and Phones and A Game of Murder. Whilst not always attentively, I run them through my mind – and, especially, the setting of A Game has been sparking my interest.

Against my better knowledge (good old cognitive dissonance!), I’ve also started When The Clock Broke’s sci-fi sequel, though I’m keen to keep the working title under wraps for the moment until I’ve written more than simply three chapters (and a chapter-body plan)!


What Else I’ve Been Up To:

I went shopping on Monday to get myself a few new articles of clothing and jewellery for a certain event *cough* that is happening to me next week.earringsAlexB However, I’ve been run-down this week; I go from pulling against my metaphorical leashes, to letting them tie me down. I can tell because I’ve been giving up easily when learning new skating moves.


What Inspires Me Right Now:

As I mentioned before, I’m celebrating Mary’s Month by going through the decade of the rosary, and every Wednesday afternoon, it feels as if my soul has been cleansed – that inspires me not only spiritually, but also emotionally.

In writing inspiration terms, I keep finding new pieces of music that have been altering my moods in an instant (music does this to me a lot). I’ve been listening to a lot of rock-style pieces, as the protagonist of WTCB’s sequel – were I to mutate her – is very much a rock song.

What about you? How is your week going?

3 thoughts on “What’s Up, Wednesday?

  1. Sounds like a good week for you! I’ve been busy with work this week, and so I haven’t had nearly as much time for reading or writing as I’d like.

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