Photo of the Week: Silly

I know; I did it again and laziness meant that I pushed the Monday post aside. Actually, I was late(r) home yesterday, so I had dinner and then found, after sorting out a couple of folders, that there was no point loading up the computer.

Anyway, the picture for yesterday today is my cat, Bobby, who I’m sure is half-mad. Sunday, I went into the garden looking for him because he normally pops up at the door every couple of hours or so (he likes to stay inside and sleep a good proportion of the day). A flash of ginger caught the corner of my eye, and I turned. There he was, sleeping in the garden waste bag!

Of course, I took this perfect opportunity to snap him whilst he was still.

Silly Cat_Alex B

Cats, eh? What silly animals they can be! You will not believe where he hid later!

Breadbin Cat_Alex B


My word of the week is PANACHE. It’s a word I’ve heard before, but never got around to using, so my search for its etymology was extra interesting. Its use of the meaning ‘swagger’, ‘showiness’ was first recorded in 1898, but, before that time, it was used as a literal object: a tuft of feathers. Thus, the etymology has more sense, as we get the English through Middle French and Italian from the Latin (woo!) for wing, ‘penna’, one of the words I actually know from my A Level devised list.

One more exam to go!


2 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Silly

    1. πŸ˜€ We called him Bobby beause he is a breed with a stumpy tail, making him even more adorable. πŸ˜› However, I’m not so keen on his choice to lie in the rubbish (which he did again this morning)!

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