Photo of the Week Uganda Special: Temple


Yes, this photograph is infused with a pop-art feel. I liked its frame, placement and colour, but, after taking it, I felt it needed something more, so I put an artsy filter on to enhance the contrast a little.



On one of the final days of our trip to Uganda, the group drove back to the capital city, Kampala, where we intended to do a bit of sight-seeing, as we had finished our community project for the while. Thus, we made our way to this temple of the Baha’i faith.

Up a steep hill we trekked – and even at that moment, I knew that the architecture was beautiful and meticulous, as most religious architecture is.

In this case, the use of nonagonal (ie. nine-sided) layout was a visual allegory for the nine world faiths. That also caused an echo around the inner temple, despite it simultaneously being quiet and serene. There, we had the opportunity to sit and think; only enhanced by the building and its gold-tinted decor.

I enjoyed learning about this denomination, because I feel it opens my eyes to be less ignorant at the rest of the world.

What about you? Experienced any new faiths or beliefs recently?

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