This September, I’m all About When the Clock Broke (and a Call for Betas)

WTCB CoverIdea1_11

I feel, after all my time working on my main novel, When the Clock Broke, that she is almost ready. I had always planned to try and be ready for querying by the end of this year – and I have been pushing myself to finish this round of edits before I go to Reading for my BA. I’m at least halfway through by chapters, but what I really need is some fresh eyes on a couple of problematic chapters further on. I’ve had at least three pairs of eyeballs on the first quarter, but not as many as I would like on the middle, where I’m aware, as the protagonists experience Complications and Despair, the pacing slows.

Anybody interested in an NA romantic fantasy, featuring three timepieces – including a wristwatch for jumping through time – alternate universes, a stuck-up family of ‘good blood’, and a suspiciously-arid grassland?

I probably only need a couple more fast readers. The work has got to that stage where I need a more professional opinion I can only get by trying out my novel with agents and publishers. And, yeah, it’s nice to hear “interesting and unique concept”, but I need to delve beyond that flattened surface into the ink and swill of something sellable.

Otherwise, I’ll simply be going in complicated circles of editing.


In the meanwhile, I’m pushing myself by also dedicating this month to not only the editing of WTCB*, but also posting almost exclusively (I say ‘almost’ because the Photo of the Weeks remain) about the novel, its setting, its characters and its extended works.

The question is: where to start? And what to do? Okay, two questions haunt me, not one. Still… Ideas in the comments, please!


*(and editing OJAP and peer-editing project)

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