As a Catholic I worship God.



Two years ago I attended a Baptist service celebrating the Dedication of a friend’s baby to God. A  substantial service which consisted of a significant praise and worship segment, prayer, preaching and finally the dedication of little Noah. I was moved by the intense prayer for the baby during this part of the service. Four members of the church community (who seemed to have standing in the community) prayed over the baby. This was followed by tea and then a luncheon.

It was at the luncheon that  my daughter and I got chatting with a couple who were seated at our table. We discussed the service amongst other things and the conversation inevitably led to us discussing which church we belonged to. As soon as we said that we attend St. Joseph’s, an uncomfortable (albeit short) silence ensued and the conversation petered out after that.

On coming across the above poster…

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2 thoughts on “As a Catholic I worship God.

  1. I always found it interesting, the big confusion over Catholics. One of my best friends growing up was Catholic, so I never had an issue with what they believed, because I asked. Good on this person for saying straight up what they’re about and not being ashamed of it. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Yeah. I can understand the confusion, but some of the things people say are a tad ridiculous. I honestly could not have said it any better myself.

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