Forbury Gardens: A Photographic Study

(ie. a picture post, but the above sounded more magical 😉 )

My Monday photo was of a monolith outside the Reading Forbury Gardens celebrating those who had lost their lives fighting for the country and justice. Today’s post is of the other sights I saw and some of the pictures I took in my half-hour stroll around. Although the wind had picked up for an end-of-October weekend, the weather itself – and the sky – was rather beautiful, picturesque even, in the view-finder of my phone-camera.



The Forbury monument featured in Monday’s post, paying homage to those who lost their lives in World War I



Close-up of the shield on the gates of the garden, traditional Reading style.

IMAG7323 IMAG7326

The lion statue at the centre of the gardens. Sadly, I didn’t have the time to read the inscription on the podium below.


The fountain just off-centre in the gardens. With all the bulrushes, it made a wonderful sight, but, as you can see, not an easy subject to photograph, because of all the distractions. From the central clam-decoration all the way to the background buildings: St. James’ Roman Catholic Church and the Catholic Primary school next door.

IMAG7330St. James’ Church and the fountain; balancing a foreground and background shot, though it was difficult to position these two pieces of splendid architecture.

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