Photo of the Week: Carvings

Yes, it was Hallowe’en on Thursday, and I realise that I haven’t even yet posted a ‘reflection’ (ie. a I’m-so-cool-’cause-I-did-this) post The days are rushing past me with madding speed. As usual, the ideas are there, but not the implementation. I hope I can get next week to work better…after the British Quidditch Cup this weekend. Wow, I need to write about that, too, don’t I? Mass organisation needed…

Anyway, last week – exactly on Monday, I believe – we started to celebrate Hallowe’en by carving pumpkins, something I had never done before, so I stood back whilst my corridor worked on ours (the wolf). But, as is me, I started feeling left out, so I teamed with another friend of mine to shape this Evil Sorting Hat, true Harry Potter style for those of us living in the Harry Potter hall. πŸ˜‰ The whole collection of these dear things is sitting on the quad just inside the main entrance of my hall.

(Understandably, the colour versions of these photos from my phone-camera did not come out well, so I stuck with a black-and-white filter.)

At least a good ten of them sit there, waiting in mass evil and creepy pumpkin-ness!

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