WIPpet Wednesday 4th

Rather depressingly, I have to report that my memory stick has snapped. Since my Windows 8 laptop is super efficient, I’ve not been needing the device to write with, and I didn’t lose much. Some of my edits of Of Jackets and Phones *smacks pillow* and my smoothed-out end of one of the chapters of DMWT. I was able to grab back the beginning of the following chapter, from this post, and I intend to not look at that messy ending of the previous chapter. I’ll block it from my mind as much as possible… I think there’s still a chance for me to recover the memory stick files (-or-am-I-just-being-naive-?).

Work-in-Progress Wednesday


Let’s see. It’s the 4th of the 12th, ’13. How about lines 13 lines? Oh, look, that’s exactly what I wanted to post, xD. I don’t really do selective paragraphs well.  To recap: we’re looking back at Secondary Character Max’s life as he starts college, pressured into Physics by his parents when Genetics is what his mind has been on. I’ve skipped the Head of College speech for you, since it’s meant to be dry and explanatory. Again, first/second draft weaknesses. But I like it at the moment. Instead, I’ve jumped past the page-break to Max’s meeting with one of the other first years on his floor.

A dreamy smile flit onto his lips. He didn’t think of the chance to meet new people or the drinks, but of the chance of discovering what had hidden in his mind not blood. Success through brains, not Name. His excitement came from the idea of practical work; reading about building machines no longer sated the chattering white-noise in his mind.

A knock on the door roused him from his reverie. Science held time more than fame. Max skipped to the door, and, with one flick of his hand, unlocked it.


The man Max had shared words with earlier commandeered the door. He rested his hands upon his hips, whilst his eyes soared over the cubicle.

“My brother said the Folster heir had breached the premises. Maximillian, am I correct?”


Max saw it then: the lack of crinkles around the edges of the man’s eyes, the thinner slant of his neck and shoulders. Not the person with whom he had spoken, but his younger brother. This must be the one studying Physics.

“Apt room, Folster.”

Max strode away, lowering himself onto his bed when he was sure the man had no more remarks. “It suffices. Pray, tell me your name. I think we skipped that vital introduction.”

The boy pulled the same amused face as his brother. “Ezekial Maverique.” He shifted his hands to one lock of that same corn-coloured hair, tossing it away with arrogant pride.

“Nice to truly meet you,” Max said. He extended a hand, but Ezekial simply gazed at it. Before Max thought he would not shake it, his lips twitched into an upwards smile and he grasped Max’s hand up and down twice. His tight hands were warm.

“Well, it seems we shall sit Physics 101 and the basic structural assembly classes together, Folster.”

“We will.” Max smiled. No matter how he tried, the uncomfortable knot did not abolish from the pit of his stomach. How did the man know his favourite module choice? Ezekial’s higher status – and the fact he blatantly knew it – unnerved him, but something more made Max’s hair stand on end.

What do you think? Should Max trust Ezekial or his stomach, or is there more under the mop of corn-coloured hair than just a snappy mouth? Any ideas about what happens next? xD It would be many years before Max would meet the MC, Zara, but that’s the bit of the chapter I’m not willing to re-copy out yet.

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