Photo of the Week: Cookies and Cake

Okay, just a cookie here, but still… *shrugs* It was the birthday of one of the girls down the corridor yesterday, so we went all out with the Pringles and the mini pizzas and other student-related finger foods to hold a random celebration in the Christmas-abandoned Junior Common Room (don’t know if you Americans have JCRs and SCRs and ACRs or not). I’m getting used to the better amount of sleep of 7-8 hours, as opposed to whatever I was spending in bed during the holiday, so a feast and drinking ending at midnight did not faze me!

However, we managed to fail to buy the birthday girl a cake! Luckily, one of our neighbours is a wonderful baker and she had a lovely recipe for these brown-sugar cookies. We all piled into the kitchen in her block and each did one part of the process. I cracked the eggs *proud face* xD

In the end, we definitely had enough cookie dough for a giant birthday cookie decorated with a B in Smarties. In the end, with all the food we had bought, the birthday girl shared her giant cookie with us all. Woop!

This one cookie was one of the first out of the oven. I used it to experiment with close-up/macro photography. As I was in the midst of a moving kitchen, I had trouble capturing a white background for all my cookie subjects, though I had a couple of on-the-tray favourites, too.


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