Raising and Giving week (Or: In Which I Have Red Hair)

(Somebody tell me how the gifs hijacked this post…!)

These next couple of weeks I shall be even busier than normal, due to my duty to support anything charity-related – and it is Raising and Giving Week (next week, due to an arrangement change, but that doesn’t matter) at Wantage Hall, ran by the JCR and the Charity Rep, who happens to live two doors down from me. I’ll try and keep y’all informed of the happenings. With pictures (and gifs?) hopefully, because raising money for charity is something I’m passionate about…even in this wretched British weather driving thoughts away.

I myself am doing (what I consider to be) an extra special event, since I’ve not had that much to do with charity after leaving school. The British Heart Foundation’s Ramp Up the Red is this Friday 7th Feb, so anybody can get involved with fighting heart disease, even if you don’t live in the UK. Raising as little as even £50 can “provide a special kit to measure tissue or blood samples as part of vital research in the lab”. And that, as small an action as it sounds, could potentially save someone’s life.

But I’m doing something extra, for the rest of Feb, too. I owe the world more.

Me? I dyed my hair red to raise money for them. The entirety of February. Let’s say that again: I have gold hair no more for all of my February fixtures. 

You can actually (do the honourable thing *cough* xD) support me from afar by donating here: http://www.justgiving.com/Alex-Brant1

But, seriously, threats bribes persuasion aside, even £1/$2 goes towards my goal and, thinking about it, we can always spare a pound/dollar or two by doing the healthier thing and not buying, say, chocolate or alcohol for one day. Think of raising money for charity as a very-short, all-year-’round Lent. Yeah…

Anyway, I think raising and giving is worth the trouble. In our daily lives, we spend so much time on the minuscule that we forget about those less fortunate than ourselves. It’s this time of year – just after the start of the year, but before we fall to the heavy slog of work and exams – that is the best for thinking about giving – be that more than money, be that time or care or attention to someone who deserves it more than they themselves realise. Give a moment these coming weeks to someone who thinks less of themselves, and prove that they are Humanity just as we are…

Love's chosen few

“Love’s chosen few can frolic without care…” (Phillip’s Poem, 2012)

I made myself into a gif. I’m just that good. 😉 Alexandrina 😀

7 thoughts on “Raising and Giving week (Or: In Which I Have Red Hair)

  1. YOU ARE A GIF. That is cool, seriously, cool. ^.^ Nice going with this fundraising thingies. I really admire you! I’ve never done anything with fundraising…well, apart from participating in church-ish stuff, but I wasn’t doing anything actively (just being my awesome silent self XD).

    1. I AM A GIF! Haha, once I found the right site, it was actually surprisingly easy to make, but thank you. Gifs and me have a nice acquaintance.
      That’s all right, though. I think we all fundraise in our own ways. The current Charity Rep for my hall is [kinda big-headed and he knows it] very outspoken, so he can round up the donaters easily. Me, I prefer to tease out the money with hints. I guess it helps to have practice, moving up from helping the charity club in my school to actually leading it. I may not be great at raising money, but I can’t seem to stop myself!

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