Photo of the WeeK: More Quidditch Fun

I’ve been super busy this week, and have, sadly, failed to take a proper photo of the week again. Instead, I’d like to present a photo I took this week – quite representative of my times – of the Quidditch team using height. xD We’ve got new bases for our hoops, so we have three different sizes of poles – and, as you can see, three different heights of players!


Aww, height lessons! Well, that’s been the highlight of my random week. What about you? Seen anything interesting this past week?


8 thoughts on “Photo of the WeeK: More Quidditch Fun

    1. We aren’t House based, due to the fact that it’s a university team, so well have to play in university colours (red and black). However, since you didn’t ask, both me and the hall I’m in are Slytherin. 😀

  1. I love that Universities have Quidditch teams now – I feel like I should have been born a decade later; I totally missed out. 😦

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