The Writing Process Blog Chain

Last week I took up Nicole Helm’s open invitation for the Writing Process blog chain, but haven’t until now had the chance to answer the questions.

What am I working on?

I am currently querying my NA Sci Fi-Fantasy Romance, When the Clock Broke, about two lovers separated by alternate realities. In any spare time I have [when I’m not panicking], I alternate between the fourth/fifth draft of my first completed novel, Of Jackets and Phones (which is now actually novel length, yay!), a YA cosy mystery, and typing up WTCB’s sequel.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I found it difficult to come up with comparative books to suggest in my WTCB query, since my story is neither totally alternate history or fantasy or time-travel or Steampunk, but a bit of everything, a mix of the genres. However, I don’t think this is entirely what makes it differ. Instead, I think it’s the content and style that makes it differ from other Young Adult and New Adult ideas: that, whilst not as heavy as including a message specifically, it plucks at ideas I’ve had in my head for years – ideas of existentialism, causation and theoretical theology. I’d like to think that my use of symbolism is novel, too.

In terms of category, I’d like to think that I’m helping New Adult branch into the speculative realms. Whilst there are some great authors out there who write speculative or non-romance NA (and, of course, great authors who write contemp.), they are certainly underrepresented, especially when it comes to the commercial definition of NA.

Why do I write what I do?

I can’t say I have a definite, I-want-to-change-the-world reason for writing. I mean, yeah, I want to change the world, but that’s not my primary reason for writing. I write whatever ideas take hold of me: I’m currently planning a NA Uni Romance trilogy, because I need a break from writing heavier, symbolic fiction like the Time, Stopped Trilogy, and want to write something shorter and lighter FAO presses like Samhain and Entranced.

I definitely don’t/can’t write within a genre, but I do like having science and real knowledge (if you know what I mean) in my stories. My last beta of WTCB pleased me by her comment relating a thread of the story to the idea of religion and not taking things for granted. Whilst this wasn’t my specific idea, I like that she was able to pick up on the bits of academic philosophy in my work. I like being able to learn from fiction, even if that’s just the typical ‘friendship always wins’.

How does my writing process work?

I go through a variety of processes. I tend to edit as I first draft, but not extensively. For instance, at the moment I’m typing up my CampWriMo novel from last year, and I’m trying to edit the sentences into sense as I go, but the resulting computer draft will not be publishable standard. I’ll go through at least two more drafts yet.

I’ve almost completely stopped writing first drafts in longhand, since it has slowed my progress now I’m at uni. Now, my first drafts are sporadic, but tend to be freer. I can definitely say that removing the middle-man of typing up has helped me restrain the inner editor. It helps that I’m a slow thinker, so my work is better first-off anyway!

As erratic as tagging is, I’m going to leave this open – if you want to join the chain, feel free to like back to this post.

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