Picture Post: The Path to the Storytellers

As promised, some photos from a walk I took this week, inspecting the Equinox’s wildlife. It’s a shame I didn’t get any clear photos of squirrels, but there were a good number springing about, too. As usual, I’ve been thinking about writing and planning writing, and this walk gave me the perfect inspiration for a segment where the MC wanders into the house of two peculiar characters…



Four different genus of daffodil dotted the stony path. Em knelt and put her nose to one with an orange centre in a white crest, like a reverse lion-head. Ahead, the path curved down to the further end of the tributary, where a wooden bridge had been reinforced by spokes protruding from the water. Em winced – if fish had swum here once, they’d been scattered by the abrasive shadows.

IMAG7672She glanced at the rockery bridge blocking the end of the tributary; the creak of the board swinging there almost drew her muddy path. Creak, wobble, smack: ‘to the house of the storytellers’.

“As if I would obey a written injunction,” she told her left shoulder.

Yet, the daffodils swirled around her feet – Em shrugged and she’d landed at the sign, the mottled door peeking through the stone when she looked hard enough. A door. And her mind urged her through it.


More photos… 😀










2 thoughts on “Picture Post: The Path to the Storytellers

    1. Hence all the pictures 🙂 If I didn’t love the sun so much (I suspect I am/have been a solar-powered cat), spring would be my favourite season.

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