Photo of the Week: Bunnies

This is the third Easter on the blog and so the third set of pictures to do with Easter on the blog – so much so that I was able to deliver the photos from my phone camera to the same folder on my laptop: food/Easter. This year, I got quite the hoard, but I’ll leave that for another post. 😉

But here’s a whole bunny family – both fake, yet both as cute as the other. One – the fluffy gift – I got maybe three or four Easters ago; the dark chocolate rabbit is this year’s addition, but it’s not the first of the Lindt chocolate’s I’ve tried. Yay!


Out of many cute photos I managed to take, this one is probably my favourite in terms of artistry and I like the closeup and the matching of ‘fur’ and shiny wrapper and the green background (yeah, they’re my stairs…). But it works.


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