The Easter Hoard

Hehe, look at my stash. Childish pointing aside, I thought I’d share with you the sorts of chocolates I got for Easter (aka – the ‘why are they feeding me chocolate when I’m trying to eat more healthily?’ post!). Anyway, onwards to the pwetty photos. 😉


Coming out of the first post is my gift to myself. I love unusual eggs, especially those with fillings within their shells, and I am rather partial to white chocolate. Whilst £10 for an Easter egg sounds unreasonably expensive, this is good (okay, not top, but the eggs can get much higher in price) quality, James Chocolates chocolate bought from John Lewis, with embedded sprinkles, glitter and ALL OF THE TOPPINGS! That’s not cream/icing you’re seeing; it’s white chocolate swirled into place and set with yellow smarties.

Classy egg.


Lindt Golden Bunnies coming at’cha. In silver. (I had trouble taking a nice picture with the full colour on, so this is the black/white version.) My mother bought me this for Easter day, a milk chocolate egg with three mini milk bunnies. Multibox_AlexB

Cadbury’s eggs. Flake and KitKat. These were two generic milk chocolate eggs with their associated chocolate bars in the box. My mother and I are sharing these, as they were given to both of us by mutual friends. Nice, but not really to my taste. The shells have quite generic chocolate. 2/5Bunny2_AlexB

And, of course, giving us the evil eye is the crinkly dark chocolate Lindt from Monday’s photo. It now has no ears. Nom.

That’s it from me.

So, share, share! What sorts of chocolates did you guys did? Or did you – as I tried – opt for the cash/gift replacement? Or nothing? If it’s the latter, I admire you! Pictures, guys!

2 thoughts on “The Easter Hoard

    1. (Well, nor was I, but evidently my mother’s family thinks I still need chocolate to celebrate Easter.)
      I do hope you had a nice Easter with your family, though! 🙂

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