7 Quick Takes Friday about completing exams, dancing swing, and the exciting Pentecost

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My academic exams are officially over today for the year! My last was yesterday morning, Developmental Psychology, which…could have gone a whole lot better, if I’m being honest. The essay question(s) were bafflingly broad, and I was unable to include any of the Cognitive Gender Theory I’d researched for revision. Nevertheless, my June will not be absent of things to do. I’ve only just started planning and organising my time and the extra-curriculae are filling up the days already.


<Unnamed Steampunk Short> is finally coming together as I round the 10K mark. I promise I’ll give it a name once I’ve finished the first draft, but nothing I come up with so far fits in that just right sense. The Title Mistress has lost her spark, I’m afraid. One problem with naming Steampunk fiction is that published stories have already taken a lot of the wittier/appropriate names, such as Windup Hearts. Since my story has a romantic line through it, I was hoping for a name along that vein (no pun intended!), but I shall have to rethink my plan.



Tuesday’s swing dancing was fun, if a notch tiring. The music drew away from swing music shortly before I left, and I didn’t get as much dancing in as I would have liked, but little I could’ve done about that. Next time.



On the downside, my left ankle now bears a stupidly painful from-impact bruise from where I jumped down some stairs last night and landed awkwardly. This is why I don’t call my sporadic moments of energy and wall scaling ‘parkour’!


I finished Part One of my Catechism challenge, and, whilst I’m not yet halfway through the book, I beam at my achievement every time I think of it. Reading the Catechism has definitely deepened my faith, even if only in that way one gains knowledge and, with it, confidence incrementally.



I’ve been praying the nine-day Pentecost Novena, which finishes Sunday 7th. I only learnt of the Novena on Sunday (it started on Friday 30th), but the priest gave out small, instructional cards, which I’ve been following.



This Sunday is my confirmation! It’s more exciting than words can describe when I finally engage full with the Catholic Church and consume a consecrated host for the first time. My mother is coming down and the chaplaincy is holding a barbeque afterwards for all. And there will be cake (*leaves to buy eggs*).

4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday about completing exams, dancing swing, and the exciting Pentecost

  1. Visiting (a little late) from 7QT…hooray for swing dancing! It was my number one extra activity during college and, though it’s been awhile, I still love it. 🙂 Also, I hated my psych exams, too. Something about psychology not making sense…it’s ironic, but true.

    1. Thanks for popping by! Swing dancing is much under-appreciated, so it’s good to meet a fellow swing fan! 🙂 Hehe, yes, psychology is very complex at times.

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