7 Quick Takes Friday about Singing the Carmina, Batman BBQs, and Reading Steampunk (Again)

Join me and the other Catholic bloggers at ConversionDiary as we summarise our week in 7 Quick Takes.

 7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes about wearing triceratops hats, signing Kindles, and standing in the middle of Times Square wearing an epic selfie t shirt


This is a scheduled post, as I’m currently out guiding people around my university hall for our Open Days!


I finished writing my Steampunk short, The Incidents at Cavendish Mechanics, and my hands are in prayer that people will like it. On the other side of the coin, two hours of straight reading in the sun yesterday have pulled me close to the halfway mark of Lilith Saintcrow’s The Iron Wyrm Affair. Good book. Great use of voice. You can check out the rest of my writing/reading progress on the Ready. Set. Write! Post.


I’ve learnt that, thanks to my Swing knowledge, I can also Salsa! We had a couple of short lessons at my university hall, Wantage Hall, in time for the Wantage Summer Ball that is this evening and Brazilian themed to with the football World Cup.

Wantage – it’s so pretty!
Wantage Quad – it’s so pretty, even without the sun or the marquee!


Speaking of dancing, our Swing lesson last night focused on the exhausting Jitterbug Stroll, and though it killed my ankles, the dance definitely heightened my sense of starting sequences on the eighth beat rather than the first.



The Reading Rocs Quidditch team had our end-of-year barbecue on Tuesday, Batman themed, though I simply donned my cat[woman] ears and paraded in. I’ve not had any time for going out and buying stuff, and I couldn’t tell you if my sewing has improved vicariously since dropping Textiles class aged 13.

In any case, it was a good send off for the four members of the team who won’t be returning next year, including our Captain and our Coach (who happens to be TeamUK Head Snitch, too!).


We did an entire run through of the Carmina Burana today, and, from the point of a performing first soprano, it sounds great. Physically, regardless of the fact I’m left almost unable to stand by the end, the piece feels great, like my voice is actually working to its fullest. That makes me happy.


I’m looking forward to my week, despite the amount of work I’m going to be putting in simply to stay awake at times. Here’s hoping I’m not relying on coffee!



2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday about Singing the Carmina, Batman BBQs, and Reading Steampunk (Again)

  1. Congrats on finishing your steampunk piece!! That’s awesome news. 😉 Looks like you’ve had quite the week, eh? Relying on coffee = my mondays. Ugh, I hate mondays.

    1. Thanks – onto the next first draft now as CampWriMo nears!
      Yes, oddly more busy than usual. Depends on the Monday, though. 😉 Mine will be hectic, but I’m looking forward to it.
      Thanks for popping by, Cait. We should catch up more often. 🙂

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