Happy Solemnity of Peter and Paul

In the Catholic Church calendar, today celebrates the Saints Peter and Paul, martyrs and evangelists of the faith. These two men are great role models of following God’s call even if it means stepping away from what one has come to know. It should be no surprise, then, that their feast is one I know well. On their day is when I have given my faith the greatest of overviews.

I realise I don’t share much of the hymns to which I listen, but YouTube is pale in comparison with witnessing the melodies first-hand and singing them. However, today’s psalm and gospel acclamation lyrics are too beautiful not to share, even in part:

From all my terrors, the Lord set me free. I will trust the Lord at all times, His praise always on my lips. In the Lord, my soul shall make its boast; the humble shall hear and be glad.

They’re very give-all lyrics. One must trust that God has set the right path for one to follow, even if the road ahead is not clear of issues and obstructions. Peter and Paul knew this well – and they eventually died rather than renouncing their faith. That’s amazing.

This year’s feast is particularly poignant for me, as it’s my first as a full Catholic consuming the host, since being confirmed at Pentecost after my conversion. We’ve come far, but we’ve still got a lifetime ahead to trust where understanding must fail.

3 thoughts on “Happy Solemnity of Peter and Paul

  1. What a wonderful post! Although I’m not a Catholic (I’m an Anglican), I pretty much agree with all you’ve said. I think one of the teachings of Jesus is pertinent to what you’ve said: ‘whoever loves their life will lose it, and whoever hates their life in this world will keep it for eternal life’.

    That is what Peter and Paul were prepared to do – and did. It’s a sobering thought; I’m not sure I’m that dedicated to my faith. I aspire to be. I love your quote as well. I’m trying to trust in God for everything in my life, but it’s not always easy.

    1. Thanks 🙂 Yeah, trust is such a difficult virtue to have, though it’s one of the most important.

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