Photo of the Week: Flaming Spire

Amongst all of the photos from my trip to Dubai – which I am still sorting through, by the way, otherwise I might try and find my footing with a couple of posts about my exports – I’ve chosen this striking photo to be my photo of the week, yay.


This was the structure in the middle of the lobby of the hotel in which I stayed. Our hotel also linked with an aquapark/aquarium, so the spire of blown glass, blue to red is appropriate. I think it’s like a beacon of fire. 🙂

I tweaked the photo a little to bring out the contrast, cropped it, but, apart from that, it’s the original. Weird, seeing as I have several of these photos, but I wanted to work with this one, the night-photo.

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Flaming Spire

    1. That you. As I said, it’s not the best of the sculpture, but I like the picture in the dark 🙂

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