In Which I Gabble About Rollercoasters

You might recall that I have talked about my trip to Thorpe Park two Saturdays ago in not so great detail. You might also recall a certain vlogging and this poetry gif (which is one of the many memes I am. I leave you to detect if I’m being facetious or not. 😉 )

Love's chosen few


You’re welcome. Feel free to use.

But anyway, despite two posts in which I touched on my trip, I never touched on my trip, like the fact that I’m a tachophobe who flinches at being next to a rollercoaster at best. I never tried to analyse what might have led to the fact I like to stay away and close my eyes at any speed roaring past. So, anyway, it felt was about time. You can visit my friend Beth’s channel, too. 😀


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