Why Don’t We Talk About Intangible ‘Firsts’?

The whole world seems to put a great deal of significance on ‘life events’ and romance checkpoints – first kiss, first time…first marriage (in some cases) – which leaves out a great deal of people, not least asexuals or aromantics.

However, society appears to be missing a certain chunk of what it is to be human – that other side of ‘firsts’ that can’t so easily be tallied down by the amount of winks one gets. The un-countable aspects of kindness, morality, and social equality that occur between more than simply the lovers.

Why don’t we talk about those intangible firsts in life? The ones that matter to people who don’t or can’t experience the same levels of emotional or romantic ‘achievements’ as those who have been on a thousand dates. As a society, we spend far too much time on the physical, but abandon what is more important to the health of our people: the life spirituality (whatever that may mean to you – gods or aether or self-concepts).

These can be anything, from the smallest things to the biggest things. Things that made you feel respected and your unique true self.

The first time someone treated me like an adult individual.

The first time someone validated my opinion, or disagreed with it in a scientific and organised manner.

The first time someone called me beautiful. And meant it.

The first time someone truly grinned at one of my super-eccentric moments.

The first time someone listened to one of my wine-fuelled rants, and didn’t end up with a condescending expression.

We are acting as if these moments mean nothing, when actually they mean a great deal. Who cares about who kissed whom where and with what? The bad and the good of real, everyday life should be considered when we talk about first times – for the sake that they are more inclusive, and for the sake that they mean a deal more.

2 thoughts on “Why Don’t We Talk About Intangible ‘Firsts’?

  1. THIS POST IS BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT and I’m gonna include it in my list of “top five posts I loved on other blogs” when I do my quarterly rewind post for fall 2014. ❤ I love, love, love this. You're absolutely right – not everyone is interested in a first kiss or first time or any of that stuff, and even those of us who do like that stuff really should know that that's not all that life is about. I loved the first time my parents (or various other adults) treated me like an adult instead of just saying, "No, this is how things are and you don't get a say in this because you're too young."

    1. Aww, yay. I know I shouldn’t be happy by material validity, but yayy I’m a NevilleGirl top five 😀
      I definitely probably like that stuff, but at the same time, I’d much rather just sit on my bed with my boyfriend and chat about work and family. Life is nothing when it arrives without meaning.
      Thanks again for your thoughts 😀

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