Photo of the Week: Framed

“I’m totally going to keep up with my blog,” she said on Friday. Hahaha, don’t make me laugh, last week!Alex. I’m still catching up with my life. At least I can cross off ‘type up: fiction’, ‘pitchMAS’ and ‘sort room’. Uhh, maybe not that last one.

Today’s photo I took on my walk around campus today. It’s of one of the bridges, and I tried experimenting with the framing effect of the bridge ‘walls’. (The end photo is looking through the walls onto the lake, where I also played about with seeing as how the black-and-white filter synogised with the framing effect.) I was pretty proud with the selection of photos I ended up taking…plus a bunch of squirrel-blurs as the fluffy dears ran from me.


As such, though, I don’t know my plan for this week. You might get a whole bunch of posts; you might get none. Some of my goals for the holidays:

> Clean room

> Type up

> Continue editing WTCB

> Edit/second draft of Horology

> Write something new?


Thoughts, comments, replies...

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