Quick Takes Friday about Winter’s Iciness, Anxiety Reading, and oh yeah it’s Friday

Once again, the week rolls around to Friday in a flash, and we gather together to share seven quick takes about our weeks, hosted by the lovely This Ain’t the Lyceum.

seven quick takes friday 2

#1. Although Friday has been commercialised by popular media, I cant help but enjoy this Katy Perry song and be glad that my weekend has almost arrived.

#2. Have been reading up on the comorbidity (co-occurrence) of executive functioning disorders (ADHD is one – these focus on lack of attention and concentration) and post-traumatic stress disorder. Surprisingly interesting, despite how it seems to be less of a Neuroscience essay than a Clinical one. In fact, I wrote a Clinical Psychology essay last year on treatment for PTSD, so I know a fair bit in this area already…

#3. This week, I’ve been reading An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. It’s both interesting and mind-numbing, and is not doing my anxiety any good, reminding me why I don’t tend to read during the academic term.

#4. A thin layer of ice coats parts the campus lake – my phone refused to take a photo of this occurrence – and I’m really feeling the flood of winter now. My shoes slip as I walk, not for lack of grip, but because the ice has remained all day and glossed the roads and paths. Despite the extension of the days, we are still getting our typical English evenings at five.

#5. This week has also been a busy week for drama. I got a call-back for the uni’s musical – didn’t get in, but that doesn’t matter, since I wasn’t that interested in the musical (Little Shop of Horrors) anyway. What was important was the planning and trying to psyche myself up to do well. Uh, it didn’t work. Ah, that’s life. I sup a vodka and I carry on! xD

#6. I kind of planned doing some writing; I keep getting the notion to, but then fail to follow through because of timings or commitments. Sadly, I have more ideas than inspiration or energy to get further than a few paragraphs, so Kryptozoology will just have to wait until I actually push myself to start, as will novella EgyptologyOn the other hand, I did manage to crack a couple of paragraphs for the finale of the Time, Stopped Trilogy, and it is that extract from the beginning that I present today.


Zara pursed her lips. With a deep breath to simmer her nerves, she strode after them into the hall. The walls were as bare as stone, but they were as cold and metallic as they had been when she’d been a guest and not some twisted owner of the facility.

And yet here she was, serving them instead. Her boots clacked on the hard metal flooring, the edges of her heels catching in the grates Zara hadn’t noticed before when the slab tables had coated the space.

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