Three Years of Miss Alexandrina!

It’s been three years since my first post on this blog! That’s exciting. Time to rave like a Matt Smith.

Secondly, I don’t really know what people do for the blogiversaries, save stuff their readers with virtual cake. Have some cake. *throws cake at you* But, seriously, thanks for sticking around and reading – especially the commenters and subscribers who keep me going – particular at the moment when inspiration has just decided to dive off a cliff (a la Bella Swan), and I spend my afternoons watching QI XL. 😛

I would offer you something like a giveaway – but I have nothing to giveaway (though you can buy the Fauxpocalypse Anthology in which I have a short story for £1.99 Kindle) – and most of you don’t know me enough to do a mini quiz, and nor do you comment enough that I know much about you to interact.

But that does beg the question – let’s make this anniversary about you. In the comments below, tell me something that isn’t common knowledge about yourself.

People who deserved to be mentioned for being particularly prolific or interesting in their commentios:

NevilleGirl/Engie of Musingsfromnevillesnavel

Lillie of Lillianmwoodall

Jae of Litandscribbles

and people like

Cait from PaperFury,

who, although she doesn’t comment that much, is around for the ride sometimes.

And then there have been the spam comments…like this one I’ve been meaning to post. Excuse me?

Magnificently available on imitation components fireplaces,
over with all-natural pound, but it is incorrect, speedily needs a schokohutige soot, when excellent specific contribution with the preventative
preventive hearth from loft. The glare of the goblin sparks partially blinded him.
I’m sure I missed some of you, so grab a nametag and stick it on your fur.

Yeah, I’ll grab a nametag and stick in on my fur, thanks. And can I ask what schokohutige is? 😛 That’s insane, right? Insannneee.

I guess this coming academic, temporal, and blogging year (since they overlap a great deal) is going to be a big one of change. I have to work through a term and a half of uni before the end of my second year, and then the time ticks onwards. As for weekends, I fill them up with sport and steampunk and songs, and I’m starting to better hone my cooking for bigger groups and more complex balanced meals. It finally feels as if real life is pushing forward and the internet life is getting dreary.

We’re not gonna have very many changes to the blog this year.

At least not yet. I am hoping to start some sort of linguistics project and detail that on the blog, since that is what blogs seem to be for sometimes, but it depends on how far I actually doing something like that as to whether I report it or not.

I’d also love to spend some time looking through different WordPress themes and trying them on for size, but, frankly, it’s not time I have at the moment. I rather like the space and colour of my current theme, but I added myself a proper header – a banner that can be used for others to redirect back to mine. Plus, people get a look at what they’re getting from me. I’m not a crazy blogger, or a prolific one, just another writer trying to write, but I add a bit of logic and philosophy and life when I can.


Take it, use it, link me back, etc.

Thanks again for sticking around. If you want to take a peek at my one year and two year birthday posts…

2 thoughts on “Three Years of Miss Alexandrina!

  1. Happy Bloggiversary! 🙂 That’s so exciting! And wow, weird comment, even for spam. WTH?! (I looked up “schokohutige” for fun, and as best as I can tell, it’s some kind of fashion thing. Maybe a fabric? Or shoe? I have no idea.)

    Here are a few things about me, since you asked:

    1. I am a rabid SuperWhoLockian and Potterhead.
    2. I use tons of tape on everything.
    3. I obsess over TV scores and Taylor Swift songs.
    4. I recently got on Pinterest and am loving it, no matter how much it enables me to procrastinate.
    5. I’ve gotten into more sci-fi and paranormal stuff. The Lunar Chronicles are a recent favorite series of mine. Highly recommended.

    1. Yay, thanks. *pulls party popper*
      I know, right? I get so many that are similar and filled with nonsense words and nonsense sentences, but for some reason, this one slipped through the spam filter and ended up in my normal comments.

      1. Yay! Apart from Supernatural, I am totally with you on all those fandoms!
      2. To stick things to other things? Why?? xD
      3. Film scores are amazing. I love how composers can somehow sum up a scene using only music.
      5. I need to read The Lunar Chronicles! I am so sad I haven’t got around to them yet.
      Thanks for sharing some facts 🙂

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