Photo of the Week: Red Foam

I took a lot of spontaneous photos this week, and as such, I had no idea which to display today. I walked around a local park yesterday and starting taking photos of Orienteering posts; I took some more abstract shots of Gormely the Dapper Squirrel; I had some fascinating drinks at a friend’s birthday on Friday.


I suppose my American friends know the restaurant TGI Fridays (or is a British replication thing?). I certainly enjoyed the food and the drinks in the one in Reading. Ribs, cheesecake, and a couple of these beautiful cocktails, fruity and light, with a foam top made of egg whites – think liquid meringue.

I utilised a black-and-white photo to capture the glints of light off the glass. The foam really caught the light, making for a difficult shot in the low-lighting of the restaurant.

The original colour-photo to get a sense of the red:


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