Checking in with Alex

I’m still struggling to keep a schedule at the moment – and this week will be almost as hectic for me. I just wanted to make a quick post to detail what’s going on in my writing life at the moment.


This NeoVictorian world refuses to leave me alone, and I’m actually enjoying going back through it and polishing it. There’s the odd pitching event coming up that I might enter, but it really depends on the daylight hours I have. I’m finding it hard to write or edit in the evenings, as my mind has its tendency to wander.


I’ve put OJAP on hold, as my concentration lately has been on the fantastic, not the contemporary, though a flame still lingers in my heart that wants to work with mystery. In addition to the below, I’ve also had two novella ideas in process: one a contemporary about geeks in love; the other The Mallard: Cosmic Train. It’s slowly forming. If only other ideas wouldn’t get in the way…


I’ve started writing what I’ve tentatively called THE ACADEMIC, THE SERGEANT, AND THE BRAIN IN ROOM 303 (ASB303 for short), a Steampunk novella centred around a Frankenstein-esque incident in the Royal Berkshire University, Lady Summer Chronaire’s university. It’s set in a slightly different world to WTCB, in that it is pure Steampunk – set in the 1800s, rather than modern day. I just want to successfully write a couple of pieces shorter and worth less brain-space than a full novel

Here’s an extract:

“I can see what could be done. I could ask the crew – they’ll surely have someone willing to achieve some breaking and entering.”

“Don’t phrase it like that.”

The Sergeant sighed, kissing rings of smoke into the bedroom. “How else can I phrase it, my lady? You’re asking for a somebody to infiltrate a sealed building and rifle through forbidden files. There are certain things I cannot do.”

“You would if asked.” Though, now, the ideas in Summer’s mind involved less of understanding the ghastly situation, and more of having The Sergeant just where she liked him.

Then there’s the thousands of other ideas brewing around my brain, fighting for rule of place, most of which are Steampunk.

Anyway, that’s me out for the time-being.

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