7 Quick Takes about Scotland, Mostly

Friday 7 Quick Takes is hosted by ThisAintTheLyceum. Check out this weekly bloghop there. I’m a little late with this post – and have tried to clear up possible confusion – as I had a migraine yesterday, which prevented me finishing and posting this.

seven quick takes friday 2


I’ve been rather tired today (Friday), thanks to such a long day yesterday of travelling, and not getting to eat dinner until about 10.30. At the moment, my eating habits haven’t been the best, and it’s something I’m struggling to resume at the moment. Unfortunately, that sort of thing is a downward spiral.


In any freetime I can salvage from my holiday in Scotland, I’ve been editing/tweaking/polishing WTCB. I’m at that sad stage that I simultaneously love and hate what I’ve written. It just feels like I’m hitting wall after wall, and, in my current health (or lack of), it’s difficult to manage all these aims.


However, today (Saturday), I’ve had a mostly pleasant day, apart from the aforementioned eating anxiety, and we travelled to Ayr to look around the town, then to nearby Troon, to see the craft fayre, then an art exhibition. I forgot how much I enjoy looking at and discussing art…it’s a Steampunk activity, I guess.


On the other hand, we’re surrounded by such beautiful scenery (when it’s not raining, but God bless nature!) of a forest of trees behind us climbing the slope, and the sea and beach in front of us. The rock-island Ailsa Craig we can see when there is little mist, and the world stretches out along the horizon. We’ve even spotted two seals so far – that’s two more than live seals I’ve ever seen!


Coming up soon is our second boat trip – this one around said Ailsa Craig. The weather is said to be sunny, so one can only pray it will stay that way for Monday. Overall, the days are very full, and I don’t get home until about six or to eat until half eight-ish – on a good day. So, blogging and editing are still difficult to juggle.


Yesterday, we travelled to the isle of Arran, a beautiful and almost mystical Scottish island, on which is situated the castle Lochranza and its gardens.  I was enthralled by this sundial, and just had to take a bunch. Plus, symmetry. 🙂



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