How Can the Catholic Church Offer Pastoral Help?

With World Mental Health Day yesterday, I wanted to share this appropriate post from the Catholic blog Jericho Tree, about dignity and how Catholics can help those with mental health issues. (Though, I seem unable to reblog this post, but I still want to share.)

A particularly striking thought: “I think it’s due to this silence that I’ve sometimes found myself thinking that if someone has a strong faith they’re somehow immune from mental suffering. This is a misconception.”

It’s true. It’s so easy to think that we Christians are always happy and bolstered by our faith and the thought that God’s plan keeps us trusting in the present – whatever happens, everything will work out; when he closes a door, he opens a window, etc – but actually, mental illness is not that black and white. I have many friends who suffer with anxiety, depression, or a combination of the two, and a lot of their issues are of not being able to feel what their brain is reasoning. One knows it will be alright, but the reasoning does not halt the emotions.

Even if we Believe and Trust, the pain and the devil can still reach past our time-built defences and knock us back to square one full of nothingness and self-hate.

It’s not as easy as giving one’s self to God’s care.

We also need human care.


World Mental Health Day: how can the Catholic Church offer pastoral support to those who need it?

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