Photo of the Week: Caramel

I have nicknamed this week ‘Hell week’, as from Monday to Monday it is of four deadlines and at least four meetings, so hence the blog going quiet. It’s a necessary quiet for now until I get my uni stuff more in order. Or I’ll just stick with Photo of the Week and the new Wednesday reblog until term is over (that’s only five more weeks, if one can believe that!).

If you follow me on Instagram, you would’ve seen this image from this week – of Starbucks’ new flavour, ‘burnt caramel’ latte. This, although nothing new, is a hint of a different flavour, if you want something to sip in the warmth as rain pours outside. We’ve had a lot of rain in England lately…

Made well, the syrup and the cream match well together in the latte, on its own or with a piece of shortbread. On the other hand, it feels like Starbucks is trying to fill in with a new flavour the void between their popular festive flavours and any special festive Easter flavours they intend to throw at us.

Yes, I’m now a coffee connoisseur.

And if you missed the facetious tone, you don’t know me enough.

Now the photo. Backed lovingly by my newest bag of Lush purchases… It’s a vice.


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