Life Update

So, I’ve been doing a lot lately – not exactly extra curricula stuff like last year, but in terms of uni/school – and, as such, I’ve not been blogging as much. I’ll keep up with the Photo of the Week segment and the Weds/Thurs reblog, but posts that require a lot of thought and writing I might have to push onto a back burner for the sake of my work. And, I don’t mind that. This evening, for instance, I’ve been spending time working on my dissertation, and trying to piece together my introduction. I have a lot of background research and it’s fallen together without order. So, that takes daily pulling apart. But I don’t mind. Research is research. And fascinating. I can’t say much about my dissertation research project, but the working title is Increasing Cognitive Load Reduces Interference from Masked Stimuli in Working Memory Tasks.

My writing focus for the moment is just working on The Novel, editing and polishing it. I am currently spending about four or five hours a week going through new notes from a Critique Partner. I am also aiming to run through H for another friend/CP.

The thing is, to be able to do everything I want to, I do have to give up some things. The eternal uni juggling act, as some might say. Blogging isn’t last on my priority list, but it’s not high. I have my editing to concentrate on.

As such, I’ll see you when I see you!


One thought on “Life Update

  1. Juggling aaaall the things is totally hard. *nods sagely* But I do hope you do find some time to squeeze in blogging and other hobbies you enjoy. ;D GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR DISSERTATION!!

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