Glamour and Intrigue

Well, I intended to bl;og today. And I intended to write a bit of my old collaborative, Metropoliton Magic (which I have mentioned is coming to its exciting finale, and I want to keep following). Alas, the time has slipped away from me today.

I would like to say I have a proper excuse: doing work, for instance, or packing for the house-move my mum is currently in the middle of. In fact, neither of those are true today.

What I have to blame is this adorable–and addictively fun!–game, Slime Rancher. As YouTuber Markiplier would say “adorable little poops!” Yes, yes they are.

Anyway, here is the start of my July absence from blogging due to holidays. As to the title of this post, it is a reference to my first destination: Venice. Via The Orient Express train.

Now, I’ve always loved the 20s-50s (most particularly, the 30s, but the aesthetic and the music et al is loveable for me across all decades) and I have always loved trains – both train travel and the aesthetic of trains (though, ironically, my tachophobia means speeding trains passing I cannot stand) – but this is, indeed, the trip of a lifetime

The 50s in particular can be full of glamour and intrigue. Sure, we may romanticise the past, but that is what makes it valuable to us. In the same way that we imagine the future to be of space travel and communication instantly, imagining the good bits of the past allows us to stay positive about the life we live.

Plus, there were so many people to aspire to in those days. Culture changes, and, yes, it would be illogical to disagree or try to revert what we have now, but that does not stop our appreciating this past and what it has done for us. Let us not wish ourselves there, but enter respectfully and partake as an observer.

Food for thought, anyway.

So, I love the glamour and intrigue, and this is why this holiday is something I want to cherish.


See y’all on the other side. 🙂

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