Photo of the Week: River Sightings

This Sunday, I took a trip to the ‘enemy camps’, so to speak. Having many friends and an ex in the league of Oxonions (ie. those who are or have study/ied at The University of Oxford), I am strongly on that side of any – fictional or otherwise – rivalry between the two best-on-league-tables UK universities, and as such have never even considered visiting Cambridge as a city.

But I’m part of the UCL Jazz society and their Christmas annual trip is to go to Cambridge, and, wow, it’s a lot softer and smaller than Oxford, a lot more landscape-y, if one could think it! We had such a lovely time on the punts, entertaining others with our musical persuasions whilst entertaining ourselves with prosecco and mince pies!


I was positively enamoured with the scenery, particularly of the colleges that are bordering the main river down which we punted. I can’t recall which college exactly was this one, but I love the angles it cuts in this photograph. And that strip of clear blue as a sky to the strip of murky blue below. Ah, I ❤ classical architecture.


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