Review of Limecrime’s ‘Dope’

I am an avid fan of liquid lipsticks, so I was overjoyed to get a Christmas gift voucher from a friend for Limecrime makeup, just enough to try a Diamond Crusher liquid lipstick/lip topper that I’ve wanted to try since they came out last year.


Look 5/5

Dope dazzles. I’d say ‘crushed diamonds’ is not quite the correct description of the visuals, but this lip topper certainly has a host of facets in the colours it projects. Pinks, blues, green. The main colour is a rose gold – Limecrime describes Dope as ‘cotton candy champagne’ (they also have Lit, which is ‘rose gold on acid’, but I think the two are very different in their warmth of hue). I’ve seen Dope look goldy in swatches, but on me it’s more of a pinkish glow, akin to Nivea’s Pearly Shine.

It’s a bit more, of course. Flecks of glittery colour. Difficult to really pinpoint the best way of describing the effect.

Formula 3/5

It’s a cross between lip gloss and liquid lipstick formula, a bit streaky, but with a decent setting time and the scent of strawberry candies. I imagine that this would sit better with a lip liner on the cupid’s bow.

For the same price as a Velvetine, you get a larger tube of Diamond Crusher, which suggests that you need more to get a smooth, pigmented application on the lips and/or it’s a formula that you’ll get through quicker.

As if you need more photos of my face…

Comfort 4/5

Dope is comfortable to wear for hours at a time. My lips don’t get that dry with lipstick on, though, so it might be a relative factor. Despite not being glossy in the sticky sense, it is a bit gummy even after drying and it has that roughness that lipglosses with crystal bits in tend to have.

It doesn’t crumble, however, and it feels smooth to the tactile touch.

Long lastingness 2/5.

Limecrime liquid lipsticks aren’t the best when it comes to long-lasting wearability we all acknowledge, but Dope is the worst Limecrime lipstick I have in terms of lasting. It comes off quickly during eating and drinking It is transfer-proof when completely dry, but I found my hands getting sparkly if i wiped them across lips not with a little moisture. Even with a liquid lipstick underneath, the glitter topper and the colour underneath (I used Limecrime’s vampy purple Jinx), both came off on my first bite of Dim Sum.


Overall: 3 1/2 stars out of 5.

A pleasant colour and texture, but I am a bit disappointed about the lack of staying power my Dope has. Yeah, these are meant to be toppers to the other colours, but I expected something more from their ability to stay.


A compliment-worthy colour that is muted enough for me to wear daily with a formula that needs tweaking. Not sure it’s worth the money, but if you love the feel of a liquid lipstick with the shine of a gloss, Diamond Crushers are worth considering.

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