Quick Take Friday – Jobs, Vocations, & Being

(Or Saturday, but nobody’s counting. You can catch up with the rest of 7QTF at This Ain’t the Lyceum)


I am dancing again, woo! Managed to find (as if it were such a feat) a group in York who are pretty easy to reach and laid back, too.


This week has been nothing special, to be honest. It’s difficult to keep an eye on the week when the days trot on by. My days are mostly taken up by job applications, so, again, nothing special I have to comment. It can be a tiresome state to be in, this being between things all the time.


That’s not to say I’m not doing anything, though. I cook a variety of dinners every day, I do the washing up; when appropriate, I clean the rooms. It’s not only cathartic; it’s also fulfilling. I’ve always said: if I could earn money making the home, then I would. It’s not hard to be in touch and have a passion for one’s cooking and housework.


Sorting out the wedding photos and sending them to people is taking far longer than it ought, but there is so much to really leaf through to get the results I want.


I finally sorted out the change of blog address, thank God! Of course, if you are here, you didn’t have any problem finding me, and nothing much has changed, but otherwise, the blog/author site is just under my name now; as I said, I lost the miss. Looks a little plain, doesn’t it? But I decided that an homage to my Steampunk persona of Lady Chronaire was a bit too pretentious for what I’m selling here.


Image result for jacqueline wilson diamond

Currently reading:

I’m finishing off DIAMOND by Jacqueline Wilson, one of the Hetty Feather stories. Also, I’m reading SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT: RESURRECTION, which I’ve been sure to take my time over, as I don’t want to get to the end yet!


Check out this informative video about Developmental Language Disorder:



Until next time! Blessings.

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