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Guest Post: Alexandrina Brant

My friend Craig Hallam invited me to guestpost on his blog in, oh, July it must have been, and with everything that went on for me in the months of July and August – my anniversary and graduation, The Lincoln Asylum and Reading Swing Exchange – then working a bunch of overtime towards the end of September to counteract holidays across the office, I managed to write as fast as a snail and I didn’t pass my thoughts over to him until last week.

But now it’s up, and, what with Craig’s blog having focused on mental health, I thought what better than to talk about how I’ve not been able to write that much lately.

Here’s a snippet:

What is the veil, you say (perhaps)? Well…I’ve always empathised with Ralph towards the end of William Golding’s iconic – and much oh-kill-me-it’s-the-class-set-text-said – novel Lord of the Flies where he tries to make leadership decisions and think clearly but narrates that a ‘veil’ has come down over his thoughts. I can relate to that. I know the veil, where ideas should be easy to come because I’ve put myself in the same situations where I used to write so freely, but nowadays they’re absent.

And you can read the rest of my post over on Craig’s blog.

 Whilst you’re here! Craig has recently launched his Patreon and as a full-time-working, small-press-published author, every little helps to get traffic and notice to his work.

If you like multiple POV fantasy with protagonists that aren’t your cliche goodie-goodie characters, you’ll enjoy the plots Craig creates. He’s got a number of different projects on the go, both prose and poetry, some works darker, not to mention the third book of his popular Alan Shaw series.

See you next time!

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