New Story Alert!

Looking to escape to another world with a super fast read? Looking for urban fantasy that is a bit different? Or weird stories to make you think? Wanting to discover speculative fiction from writers that could become your new favourite authors?

Harvey Duckman presents the eighth in a series of short story anthologies featuring some of the most exciting voices in science fiction, fantasy, horror and steampunk today.

Volume 8 includes stories by: Christine King, Mark Hayes, Alex Minns, Muriel R. Blythman, Adrian Bagley, Crysta K. Coburn, Peter James Martin, Joseph Carrabis, Jack Pentire, R. Bruce Connelly, Melissa Wuidart Phillips, Davia Sacks, Liz Tuckwell, Kate Baucherel and Alexandrina Brant.

Edited by C.G. Hatton.

Alexandrina Brant says: I’m delighted to yet again join the crew of the Harvey Duckman anthologies, this time with a vignette of side-character Melina West’s university years. It’s a light and fun piece that nevertheless touches upon similar themes to those in my novels: misuse of beings, the entitlements of class, first impressions. Plus, Melina is such a fun character, whom I will be talking about later.

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