A December to Forget

I'm not the sort to do monthly writing roundups on the blog - mainly because there's never much to say - but it's been a while and I've seemed quiet. I guess the goal to blog more can be left on the to-do list.

However, and despite the silence, I have been making a little progress:

> Cut 5000 words from my biggest novel and found the way to get to the point of scenes sooner in my writing, ergo craft work

> Sent out a few submissions

> Edited a chapter of my fun space novel's third draft

> Wrote this post haha

I have still got a couple of goals to hit yet and even with a kind of Xmas rush - cards to go out, presents 🎁 to wrap - things are a bit easier once I've done the more time-consuming goals.

I'm not, at this point, setting any goals for January as it changes week to week depending on my motivation, mental health and mindset. Nevertheless, we shall see how January fairs. There are a couple of blog posts I've been wanting to do focusing on character, so I will get around to those at some point.  

What about you? Like me, have you found December a difficult month to get in gear or  have you been storming your goals (good for you!)?

Thoughts, comments, replies...

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