Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to my portfolio of life, as I write about navigating through the ups and many downs of living as a 20s Millennial.


Official Bio

Raised on a diet of Tolkien, Doctor Who, and Agatha Christie, writer Alexandrina Brant grew up around the city of Oxford, and, as such, has a particular love for Oxford-based stories. After graduating from the University of Reading with joint honours in Psychology & Philosophy, she hightailed it to London to study a Master’s in Linguistics at UCL, focusing her dissertation on sociolinguistics and dialect blending – something which comes in handy for fiction. Nowadays, she lives in Yorkshire, where she is peacemaker of cat arguments and singer of silly songs for her baby daughter, her favourite role to date. Her short stories have been published in several local anthologies and she is forever working on her next Steampunk and sci fi novels.


Unofficial stuff

Check out the Books tab for anthologies I’ve been in
And the WIP tab for stories I’m working on towards publication!


I’m not much of a blogger any more, thus I thought I ought to edit to make my bio more recent. Welcome back to the ’20s. If you’d like to watch my life unfurl through photos—it’s outfits, cats, babies, and food—come find me on Instagram, where I post daily. If you want more batty nonsense like this, I’d suggest Twitter. Mine, I mean. Well, I would.


Other important facts:

  • She/Her/Cat
  • 5’2 high, long claws and hair to match.
  • Curly dark gold hair. Blue eyes. Mid-European skin and heritage.
  • Vintage visions not vintage values
  • Infertility warrior and mental health advocate – drop me an email if you ever want to talk about these issues

Want to get in touch for book reviews, author interviews, or to host me on your blog?


24 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you. 🙂 If you would like me to write anything for your blog, just say. I’m not sure what topic I would go for, though.

    1. Cool. I’ve done a couple of those already, so I don’t know if I will, but if I find a spare minute 😉

  1. Oh, and I have a weakness for starsign and tarot readings, despite not actually believing in them.

    ME TOO! haha. I used to be a Catholic (now I think I’m a Baptist). I miss the ritual side of Catholicism and the beautiful churches.

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