WIPs (Novels)



Twenty-year-old Aidelle smashes a timepiece as Phillip leaves her, sealing herself in a timeless reality of her NeoVictorian universe. If she doesn’t cross volatile ‘timestreams’ to rewrite their breakup and save Phillip from his malicious brother, she’ll be erased from her present, past – and possible future.

DMWT – NA Fantasy sequel 

Zara only wanted to experiment. Not only have her mechanisms trapped her in the motionless space between realities, but she’s started rewriting her family’s past. Unfortunately, her changing past and her living future aren’t compatible.

Typing first draft up, on hold. 40,000/60,000

LSOT – NA Fantasy, last in the trilogy

Zara’s getting used to running the Institute, but when a blip on the time-radar becomes a vengeful servant, Zara must admit her grandfather’s vicious past and give up travelling home or let a fake past repeat.

Planning: holding off on writing for other projects. 1,000/70,000


OF JACKETS AND PHONES – YA contemporary mystery

When her favourite schoolteacher is murdered, Agnetha vows to bring his killer to justice – for better or worse, even when she and the only link to the truth are the next targets on the killer’s list.

Editing. 54,000/55,000

OMM – YA contemporary mystery sequel

Caroline – Russian governess, former police suspect, dubious sexual tyrant – summons Agnetha to her workplace in the icy heart of Moscow—but Agnetha gets more than the prissy aristocracy to worry about when death and disorder disrupt her vacation.

First draft waiting for editing. 72,000/70,000

OOLE – last in the contemporary mystery trilogy

Agnetha jumps at the chance to escape intern paperwork and follow the trail of a missing boy into London…until he fails to exist. Now Agnetha’s running for her life, for a man she avenged years ago.

Planned. 5,000/70,000

HOROLOGY – Steampunk

Querying. 100,000

ASB303 – Steampunk novella

Lady Summer Chronaire is one dissertation away from completing her MA at the Royal Berkshire university–until she stumbles upon an MRI machine that reanimates her dissertation subject and slides it in a suit. It’s destroying the university, the Psychobiology department’s reputation, and Summer’s career. Unless she can work out who’s behind it and stop them.

Resting. 43,000/40,000

BLACK HAVEN – Light Sci Fi

Unlike its adverts, the planet Wilhaven is in decline. When Molly’s cruiser crashes, she’s pursued by the military organisation running the planet, all for the sake of a missing gem. For two years Phoenix’s been a fugitive on Wilhaven, but the Ignistone is her way to blast off the planet and never return. Molly crashes through her skylight, and offers joy to Phoenix’s love-is-dead cynicism, if only they stop the Militaria before Wilhaven ends up the same rubble-planet as Phoenix’s home.

Resting, ready to edit for third draft, 95,000/90,000

6 thoughts on “WIPs (Novels)

  1. Hi Alexandrina! Enjoying your latest post – you’re a busy student! Love the swing dancing, singing and quidditch (spellling?) you do. Thank you for stopping by my guest post on aussieownedandread site. Would you be interested to review my book &/ or could I guest post on your blog, and you on mine? You can contact me on my email pjbyer@westnet.com.au

    1. Hi, PJ, thanks for stopping by!
      Although I don’t really have time to review at the moment (as you’ve seen, I am busy!), I’d love to swap a guest post on blogs with you! 😀
      Will drop you an email when I have some time.

  2. Good luck with your WIPs! Your mysteries sound very intriguing, especially the one of trying to figure out the teacher’s murder. I can’t wait to buy your books. No pressure to finish writing fast or anything 🙂

    Keep smiling,

  3. I know a lot of authors (myself included) who struggle to write compelling blurbs for their novels. You most certainly don’t have this problem! Your blurbs are lively, gripping and make me want to read your books.

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