Made it Through the Dark

To think that it was only a couple of weeks ago that I posted another photo from this same location on Acomb's Hobmoor in near-darkness. I've been walking this same route once a week for the past seven months and it hit me this week: I remember when I walked this in the heat of … Continue reading Made it Through the Dark

So, What is Up With My Phone?

I used ┬áto think following a blog schedule was the most accessible way for me to keep blogging, but lately it has been a hindrance rather than a help, as the mind strays not only to uni and essay style posts. Not to mention the absence of inspiration for posts to share, or anything more … Continue reading So, What is Up With My Phone?

Photo of the Week: Sappy

So, because of the faults with my Instagram app, lucky y'all get photos that would otherwise have been first given there. Including this sappy collection (well, two) of cards I'm beginning to accumulate on my mantelpiece, featuring a me in the background. Yay, for mirrors! (Sarcasm) Clearly not the best of shots, but sometimes one … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Sappy

Photo of the WeeK: Dainty

Well, it's been the usual Christmas, of course, full of its usual trivialities and And the week, I suppose, has passed just as usually passing. The highlight, indeed, was The Fiance's birthday last week. He got a lot of Lego things for his pleasing, and I enjoyed watching him tinker with them. And what photos … Continue reading Photo of the WeeK: Dainty

Photo of the Week: Caked

A food-based photo of the week; despite my busy end-of-term and finishing up everything I needed to do for university, I somehow found the time to bake this cake for my gentleman for his birthday yesterday: a raspberry red velvet with a candy-melt twist. It looks a little cracked, but I assure you that it … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Caked