‘Heaven Sent’ Review with Nevillegirl

This series 9 of Doctor Who, I’ve been part of the review team over at Nevillegirl’s blog. Last year, we did a similar system, and one of the episodes I’ve been reviewing this year has been episode 11, Heaven Sent. Wow, that's was one wild ride of an episode. I had a lot of thoughts … Continue reading ‘Heaven Sent’ Review with Nevillegirl

Guess what I’ve been reading about…

About discipleship…




……Discipleship with a capital D. I know I’m stating the obvious, but I’ve never really understood the real teaching in the above quotes until very recently. I am burning to make a difference. For and in Christ. My sights are moving further than the parameters of Church. Yes, I needto be fed at Mass at least once a week, but how am I going to share with others the beauty of Christianity? How am I going to encourage them into the fold of the Shepherd? I don’t know. I do know that God will use my unique gifts to reach out to others. Perhaps the gifts I’m yet to grow into.

I have to ‘be church’, be a Disciple of the Lord God in all that I am and do. I need to be the change that others will respond to when it is the time for them to hear the Message. The Call…

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7 Quick Takes about Swing, Costuming, and a Hectic Week

It’s Friday again! I’ve been doing a lot, so join me and the other Catholic bloggers at ConversionDiary as we detail our weeks in 7 quick points. ~1~ I’m back at university! It’s great to see the people I lived and worked with last year and the people I will come to live and work … Continue reading 7 Quick Takes about Swing, Costuming, and a Hectic Week

Making Petticoats Out of Hosepipe

As you may have seen, the blog has been rather quiet on its normally pro-active days. If you've been paying attention, you'd have seen my mentions of a 24-hour musical run by our Drama society, RUDS. What is this? you may ask. Some misunderstand and presume a musical whose running time is 24 hours. In reality, … Continue reading Making Petticoats Out of Hosepipe

Death, Derangement and Film Projects

I’m not sure when I’ll next be able to post, due to the craziness of one event following another (in quick succession in terms of working the Open Days in departments and Swing demonstration), so I’ll leave you with one of the other sides of me: some acting. As part of a second-year Film and … Continue reading Death, Derangement and Film Projects

In Which I Appear in Doctor-Who-Related Vlogs

Hey, you remember that party I went to for the Day of the Doctor 50th where I dressed up as River Song? Well, one of my friends has a YouTube channel - BethSaysxx - and she got around to posting her vlog of the event. Obviously, she's the one leading the vlog and asking the … Continue reading In Which I Appear in Doctor-Who-Related Vlogs

Shiny, Inspirationally Bloggy [Award]

Ya, that was a bit of a strange title. ‘Shiny’ is one of my favourite words, purely for its morphemic value: shy-knee – almost. 😛 Anyways, Avery Thorne of BloodOverIthaca nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thanks, dude! I love talking about myself 😛 You can see the rest of the awards I … Continue reading Shiny, Inspirationally Bloggy [Award]

Extract: A PlayScript Beginning…

Yay, stereotypes and subordination! A first draft extract of the first couple of chapters of A Game of Murder turned into a stageplay. I mentioned this idea in my previous post, and, as I have no time to create a post on Thursdays, I thought I'd give a little insight into my style of scripting. With … Continue reading Extract: A PlayScript Beginning…

Why, One Day, My Novel Will Be a Stageplay!

  Seeing as Saturday’s post (was it really so long ago?) touched on A Game of Murder (and its 1930’s heart), and last Wednesday’s looked at ‘Death in the Clouds’, I thought it was about time to expand on the post-beginning I had inspired by Writegoodbooks. Although he talks about converting novels to screenplays, I … Continue reading Why, One Day, My Novel Will Be a Stageplay!